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National Center for Environmental Conflict Resolution

Areas of Expertise - Public Lands

Public lands comprise over a quarter of all land in the United States. From National Conservation Areas to Wild & Scenic Rivers to National Historic Sites, public lands are sources of tremendous natural, cultural, and historical value. They are also subject to multiple uses including recreation, timber, traditional uses, watershed, range, conservation, energy development, mining, and grazing. As a result, public lands issues are inherently complex and cross-cutting, and the impacts of climate change as well as the scale and interjurisdictional aspects of many of these issues compound the challenges of effective land management.

Inclusive decision-making processes, linking science and traditional knowledge to policy making, and adaptive management in the face of uncertainty are critical for the future of public lands. The National Center can help bring together agencies, Tribes, nonprofits, industry, State and Local governments, and individuals to work toward mutually beneficial solutions.

Our collaboration and conflict resolution services can provide value in the following areas:

  • Large-landscape planning and landscape scale coordination.
  • Collaborative forest management and wildfire resilience planning.
  • Ecosystem restoration.
  • Conservation and land use planning.
  • Recreational use and access to public lands.
  • Adaptive management.
  • Forest planning and rulemaking.
  • Protected areas and refuges.
  • Threatened and endangered species.
  • Habitat conservation planning.
  • National Environmental Policy Act.
  • Training in stakeholder engagement, Tribal engagement, Government-to-Government Consultation, and collaboration and conflict resolution.

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Area of Expertise Contact

Melanie Knapp
(520) 901-8546