Udall Undergraduate Scholarship

Apply - Information For References

Udall Undergraduate Scholars are selected for their potential to shape the future of environmental, Tribal public policy, or Native health care and for their demonstrated commitment to Tribal or environmental issues.

It is important that you know in which category the candidate is applying, as students may only apply in one of the three Scholarship categories: environment, Tribal public policy, or Native health care.

The selection committee looks for sustained participation in environmental or Tribal activities, assumption of leadership roles and evidence of initiative, service to the community, and coursework or research that complements activities and career goals.

  • Briefly explain to the selection committee in what capacity and context you know the candidate, and for what length of time.
  • Provide concrete evidence of the candidate's leadership and service activities. The most effective examples highlight the candidate in action as an innovator, leader, volunteer, researcher, teaching assistant, etc., and convey the candidate's passion, enthusiasm, and dedication to environmental or Tribal issues.
  • Give examples of the candidate's personal characteristics. Showing is stronger than telling.
  • Convey the scope of responsibility the candidate has assumed; i.e., what impact have their actions had.

The Udall Foundation faculty representative is responsible for uploading letters of recommendation to the student’s online application. You can find your student’s faculty representative here. Please do not mail or email your letter of recommendation to the Udall Foundation.