Udall Undergraduate Scholarship

Meet Our Scholars - Scholar Alumni News

Shoshannah Lenski, 2005 Scholar
Shoshannah lives in Ann Arbor, Michigan, and works in Corporate Strategy for DTE Energy, an integrated energy company.

Sasha Stortz, 2005-2006 Scholar
Sasha successfully defended her master’s thesis in environmental science and policy at Northern Arizona University, where she was named a Wyss Scholar for conservation of the American West. She works as a Senior Research Specialist at the NAU Landscape Conservation Initiative, facilitating science-supported collaborative planning processes and teaching undergraduate field courses in the Grand Canyon region.

Jennifer Schmidt, 2013 Scholar
Jennifer is currently a Fulbright Research Fellow at the Research Institute of Organic Agriculture (FiBL) in Frankfurt, Germany. Her projects are focused on sustainable soybean cultivation and soil bacteria.

Chris Llop, 2009 Scholar
Chris is a Senior Analyst at Analysis Group, Inc., working with energy, healthcare, and high-tech research and modeling. Chris is serving on the board of Engineers for a Sustainable World and is enrolled in the Master of Information and Data Science program at the University of California, Berkeley.

Linus Chen, 1997 Scholar
Linus is an attorney in the Solicitor's Office at the U.S. Department of the Interior, practicing wildlife law. He is also active in the Udall Alumni Association and has served the past three years as treasurer.

Greg LeFevre, 2005 Scholar
Greg completed his Ph.D. at Stanford University in the research center, Re-Inventing the Nation's Urban Water Infrastructure, where he studies natural systems-approaches to improving water quality.

John Kondziolka, 2011 Scholar
John recently completed a master’s in fluid mechanics at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and is now working as an environmental engineer at Gradient.

Devin C. Gladden, 2008 Scholar
Devin is a Policy Analyst & Program Manager within the State of Delaware's Division of Energy & Climate.

Emily Duma, 2010 Scholar
Emily is serving as an Emerson National Hunger Fellow, currently working with the Logan Square Neighborhood Association doing education organizing and fostering parent engagement in Chicago public schools.

Ludovic Lemaitre, 2010 Scholar
Ludo is the Sustainability Coordinator for Randolph College in Lynchburg, Virginia. He tackles a diverse set of projects ranging from waste stream minimization to energy management, budgeting, and planning for the institution.

Katrina Klett, 2013 Scholar
Kat works with Chinese minority farmers in Yunnan Province to create a sustainable beekeeping business that will provide livelihoods while protecting the area's biodiversity.

Gillian Locascio, 2007 Scholar
Gillian returned home in 2014 after four years in Central America, where she coordinated a rights-based public health program in rural Panama and then worked as a human rights accompanier in Guatemala. She currently coordinates the Washington Fair Trade Coalition, a group of 66 labor unions, environmental groups, faith based networks, social justice organizations, and responsible businesses that advocate for fair international trade policy.

Abby Tennenbaum, 2014 Scholar
Abby is currently collaborating with a local food hub and the College of Charleston dining services to craft a pointed plan for increasing local purchasing in the coming semesters.

Kat Leigh, 2014 Scholar
Kat is continuing her efforts with Green Catch, her sustainable seafood education and advocacy club at Cornell. She is helping Cornell design a sustainable food purchasing protocol.

Shaza Hussein, 2012 Scholar
Shaza is based in the San Francisco Bay Area and serves as Regional Content Coordinator for Flink.to, a creative writing and artistic entrepreneurship start-up aimed at revolutionizing the online publishing world.

Andrew Schoen, 2011 Scholar
Andrew is a venture capitalist at New Enterprise Associates (NEA), the world's largest venture capital firm and one of the world's most successful environmentally sustainable investors. NEA has investments in companies such as OPower, Bloom Energy, Terrajoule, and many others. Andrew is also a board member of the Udall Alumni Association.

Sara-Jane Smallwood, 2007 Scholar
Sara-Jane is the Choctaw Nation Coordinator for the first tribal zone in the White House Promise Zone Initiative.

Alecia Waite, 2008 Scholar
Alecia is pursuing a Ph.D. in economics at the University of Michigan. Her focus is environmental economics.

Meredith DeBoom 2008 Scholar
Meredith is a Ph.D. student in geography at the University of Colorado-Boulder, where her research focuses on the politics and geopolitics of natural resource extraction in southern Africa.

Nicki Jimenez, 2010 Scholar
Nicki is the FoodCorps Arizona Fellow. After serving for two years in Montana, Nicki now leads a team of seven service members in Arizona in their mission to give kids an enduring relationship with healthy food.

Lisa Curtis, 2009 Scholar
Lisa is the Founder & CEO of Kuli Kuli, a mission-driven food startup that is introducing a new superfood called moringa to the U.S. market in the form of tasty bars and smoothie mixes. Lisa was recently featured in the NPR story, “Millennials: We Help The Earth But Don't Call Us Environmentalists.”

Sapna Thottathil, 2003 Scholar
Sapna’s new book, India’s Organic Farming Revolution: What it Means for Our Global Food System, came out in October. Her book tour is taking her to the San Francisco Bay area and parts of the Midwest in Fall 2014.

Alison Cohen, 2008 Scholar
Alison is currently a Ph.D. student in epidemiology at the University of California, Berkeley, where she studies links between education and health in the urban environment. She also oversees research and evaluation for Generation Citizen, a civics education nonprofit.

Kellcee Baker, 2008 Scholar
Kellcee works at the National Congress of American Indians in Washington, D.C., as their meetings and events coordinator.

Tucker Mottl, 2009 Scholar
Tucker is attending law school at Washington University in St. Louis.

Sarah Brokenleg, 2006 Scholar
Sarah works for the University of South Dakota’s Sanford School of Medicine, coordinating the Native American Scholars Program, which provides academic and professional development and mentoring to Native American undergraduates interested in pursuing degrees in healthcare and health disparity research.

Sherri Cook, 2006-2007 Scholar
Sherri successfully defended her Ph.D. dissertation in environmental engineering at the University of Michigan and is now an Assistant Professor at the University of Colorado-Boulder.

Kalpana Kotagal, 1998 Scholar
Kalpana is currently an Associate at Cohen Milstein Hausfeld & Toll, a plaintiffs' class action law firm.

Maggie Loo, 2000 Scholar
Maggie works in London, England, with the investment team at Bridges Ventures, a mission-driven investment house, where she specializes in backing companies in the environmental sector.

Noah Strycker, 2006-2007 Scholar
Noah is a “Birder At-Large.” He recently published his second book, The Thing with Feathers.

David Fisher, 2011 Scholar
David is the Community Outreach Manager at Friends of the Arava Institute.