Native American Congressional Internship

About the Internship - Summer in Washington D.C.

What is it like to live and work for ten weeks in Washington, D.C.?

What You’ll Do

  • Full-time work in a Federal agency or congressional office.
  • Broaden your knowledge of the laws and policies that affect Tribal communities.
  • Meet with elected officials, leaders in Native American organizations, and other professionals in Washington, D.C.
  • Get to know your fellow Udall Interns and extend your network while exploring our Nation’s capital.

How You’ll Be Placed

  • The Udall Foundation determines the placement of Interns; Interns do not have the opportunity to choose their own placement office.
  • Some placement opportunities, such as with the Office of Tribal Justice, are available only to law students.
  • A variety of factors are taken into account when determining placements, including information provided in the internship application.
  • Each year the Udall Foundation ensures a bipartisan and geographically balanced representation of Member, committee, and Federal agency placements, and strives for a balance between long-standing and new placement opportunities.
  • Many Interns are placed with Members and committees who have different political positions than their own. These opportunities offer some of the most rewarding Internship experiences and support the Udall Foundation’s values of nonpartisanship and public service.

What You’ll Learn

  • How Federal Indian policy is made and implemented.
  • How the business of governing is conducted through the office of a Representative, Senator, Congressional committee, or Federal agency.
  • How other Native nations address self-governance and development.