2013 Scholar

Jessica E. Grady-Benson
Pitzer College

Jessica E. Grady-Benson
Jess Grady-Benson is a junior studying environmental analysis and music at Pitzer College. She is the fiddler, song-writer, and singer for the folk band, SugarPine, and has been playing classical violin for fifteen years. As an intern with 350.org and lead organizer of the Claremont Colleges Fossil Fuel Divestment Campaign, she is passionate about climate justice. Bridging her love of music and her commitment to activism, she aspires to lead a grassroots organization focused on creative climate action. When she's not fiddling or leading a rally, Jess can be found doing yoga, frolicking outdoors, cooking something yummy, or playing with her chickens.

How can you describe a weekend of student leaders from across the U.S. with an intense passion to change the world? The Orientation was a phenomenal experience to meet and build connections that I'm sure will last a lifetime.

Emily Bacha, 2009 Udall Scholar


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