2012 Scholar

Emily A. Deitchler
Hendrix College

Emily A. Deitchler
Emily was born and raised in Eureka Springs, Arkansas. She is now majoring in biology and socio-cultural environmental studies at Hendrix and plans to pursue a career in ecology and conservation biology. This year, she has been working with a professor to explore field sites for a nature guide book. She has also pursued an interest in sustainable agriculture by interning with a school vegetable garden study and helping start a community garden. This summer, she will be doing research on salamander populations in New Hampshire headwater streams. Emily loves potlucks, canoeing the river, and going on bike rides.

How can you describe a weekend of student leaders from across the U.S. with an intense passion to change the world? The Orientation was a phenomenal experience to meet and build connections that I'm sure will last a lifetime.

Emily Bacha, 2009 Udall Scholar


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