Faculty Representatives Frequently Asked Questions

How can my students gain access to the online application?

You must register students at http://facultyreps.udall.gov in order to give them access to the online application system. You may register students at any time between October 1 and February 28, 2013. When you have registered a student, he or she will receive an email with a link to the online application and a username and password.

When I registered my student, I entered the email address incorrectly/misspelled her name. What do I do?

Log in to http://facultyreps.udall.gov and go to Manage Applications. You will see your student’s name and a link, View Application. Click View Application to enter your student’s application area. Click on Confirm Profile in the right menu. You will see a button at the bottom of your screen, Update Profile. You can make changes to your student’s profile until the student begins the application process. Please note that you will be required to fill in all fields in order to save your changes at this time. Once your student begins the application process, their status will change from "Registered" to "In-Progress" and you will no longer be able to edit the profile.

Can I use the online application for our campus nomination process?

Absolutely. You may register as many students as you wish, and you and your students may use the online system for your campus's internal selection process. However, you may submit only six nominations to the Foundation.

Can I review individual sections of my student’s application before it’s submitted to me?

Yes. You can view your student's application while it's in-progress. Your student can also create a PDF of the application at any time and email the PDF to you.

How do I upload recommendation letters and transcripts?

Log in to http://facultyreps.udall.gov and go to Manage Applications. You will see your student's name and a link, View Application. Click View Application to enter your student’s application area. Click on Upload Supporting Documents in the right menu. To upload your documents, click "Select" and then select the document type; letter, transcript, or other documentation.

We can accept files in Word, PDF, GIF, or JPEG format up to 4 MB. You may upload only one file for each of the three letters and the current transcript; you may upload up to three files for other transcripts (transfer credits). If you upload the wrong file or wish to make a change, you will be able to do so at any time before the submission deadline.

If you are unable to upload any item, please contact us for assistance. We will not accept paper copies of materials unless there is no possible way the materials can be submitted electronically. If you must mail hard copy materials, they must arrive at the Foundation one week before the March 1 deadline to allow for processing.

There’s no “Submit to Foundation” link on my student’s application? I’m confused. How do I submit the application to the Foundation?

Before you will able to submit an application to the Foundation, you must approve each section of your student’s application and have uploaded three letters of recommendation and a current transcript. In addition, you will need to upload a copy of a tribal enrollment card or other tribal verification for applicants in tribal public policy or health care, and a copy of a permanent resident card and a letter of intent to become a U.S. citizen for applicants who are U.S. permanent residents (First Nations of Canada members are excepted from the last requirement.)

When you have uploaded the required documents and approved your student’s application, return to the student's home page and click "Complete Application." The application status will change to "Complete," and you will be able to submit the application to the Foundation.

One of my student’s recommenders mailed the letter to the Udall Foundation. She doesn’t have email access, the deadline is tomorrow, and I can’t submit my student’s application because it’s not complete. Can you help?

You can upload a placeholder document that explains the situation, and you will be able to submit your student's application.

Isn’t there an institutional nomination form that I submit with my student’s application? Where is it?

We no longer require a separate form for the institutional nomination. You have officially nominated the student when you submit the application to the Foundation.

How will I know that I’ve submitted the application successfully?

When you have submitted the application, you will see a page confirming your submission. You will receive an email verifying that the application has been submitted successfully, and your student will also receive an email to inform him or her that the application has been submitted.

Will I be able to access my student’s application after the submission deadline?

Yes. You will still be able to print a PDF of your student's application after the deadline, but you will not be able to delete or add letters, transcripts, or other supporting documents.

I submitted a student’s application to the Foundation by mistake. What do I do?

Contact Jane Curlin at the Udall Foundation. She can "un-submit" the application back to you.

We have an exceptionally strong pool of applicants this year. Can I only nominate six students for the Udall Scholarship?

That is correct. Each institution may only nominate six students for the scholarship.

One of my environmental applicants is also Native American. Will the application be read in the Native American/Native Alaskan category?

No. Even though your student is Native American, the application is for the environmental scholarship, and will be read with the other environmental applications by state or region.

One of my nominees will be taking a leave of absence in the spring to work on an organic farm/intern for General Electric/hike the Appalachian Trail. Is he eligible to apply?

To be eligible to apply for the scholarship, students must be making progress towards a degree and engaged in coursework or other activities, such as study-abroad, research, or a cooperative education program, that are recognized by the university. If students will receive credit for activities during a leave of absence, they are eligible to apply.

One of our nominees studied abroad last semester, and hasn’t received her fall grades yet. What should she do?

The International Studies office, Dean's office or the Registrar should be able to provide either or all of the following:

  • Verification that the student was enrolled in a program of study;
  • List of courses taken during the semester abroad;
  • Explanation of why the grades are not available.

You may also, as the faculty representative, provide a signed statement attesting to the above.

We have nominated students for the past several years and none has received a Scholarship or an Honorable Mention. I am frustrated and feel like the effort put into the applications is not worth it. What should I do?

Please call or email Jane Curlin (520.901.8565). She is happy to explain the selection process further, give you feedback on your past applicants, and answer any other questions you may have.