Frequently Asked Questions

The Ph.D. Fellowship is no longer available. These pages are for information only.

If some of my research was done abroad and focuses in part on global environmental policy, am I eligible for the Udall Fellowship?

If your dissertation research focuses on environmental issues (places, people, practices) outside the U.S., but your dissertation will draw conclusions or propose solutions/ideas about U.S. environmental policy and/or environmental conflict resolution, you are eligible to apply. You must demonstrate in your application that your work will somehow have implications for U.S. environmental policy and/or ECR. However, it is the Foundation’s intent that work conducted during the fellowship year take place in the U.S.

I hope to complete and defend my dissertation by July of 2013, but I'm not positive I will meet that deadline. Should I still apply?

If you cannot guarantee that you will have a completed Ph.D. dissertation by July of 2013, we recommend that you apply the following year.

How are Udall Fellows selected?

The Udall Fellowship selection committee meets in early April, and is typically composed of past Udall Fellows and PhDs in the fields of environmental policy and/or environmental conflict resolution. Fellowship applications are reviewed and ranked by all three members of the selection committee. The selection committee chooses two fellows and two alternates from a shortlist of the top ten applicants.

One of my recommenders is out of the country, and I may not receive his/her letter in time to include it with the application. Can the letter be mailed directly to the Foundation?
Yes. The letter can be mailed to Fellowship Program, Udall Foundation, 130 S. Scott Avenue, Tucson, AZ 85701.